5-20W high power lamp management board PCBA

The majority of the effect table lights available on the market have got a power of approximately 3-5W, with fully developed remedies and simple and functional capabilities. Even so, control PCBA board ,the current market level of competition is fierce, a further benefit is low, along with the experience of value is just not strong.

The Five-20W higher strength handle board PCBA has widened the power collection according to maintaining a basic manage strategy. The voltage array might be 5-18V, along with the potential might be 5-20W. In the case of not a whole lot rise in price, By boosting the strength variety, the experience of worth and added price of the item are greatly elevated.

The management board PCBA stores a voltage safety circuit, which could ensure the basic safety in the defense circuit when the end user plugs the power supply by oversight when applied to goods of several abilities.


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