What requirements can the endoscope be customized for?

Like industrial endoscope manufacturers, customers have some special needs. screen endoscope ,What requirements can be met?

Meet custom requirements for easy-to-carry industrial endoscopes:

1. The mobile commercial endoscope needs to be rotated a few times to see how much the change is. Two level 90 converts are not a problem, beyond that will definitely be affected

2. Corrosive fluids are tailor made, depending on air pressure on the internet and knowledge of the liquid. In case of concentrated sulfuric acid, another pipeline needs to be replaced

3. Customized high temperature piping is determined by each manufacturer. What it can do at the moment is actually a portable manufacturing endoscope that can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees.

4. Ultra-long-distance assembly line customization. Long-distance pipelines longer than 10 yards must be rebuilt. This requires sizing from the pipeline. Based on the 6mm outside, the longest is 10 yards. If it is 8mm, it depends on the situation and is passed along with the indicating series. Length matters.


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